Thursday, October 6, 2011

Halloween Stuff

So at the grocery store a couple of weeks ago, I impulsively bought a Halloween magazine. I have almost dog earred every other page in the magazine with stuff I wanted to make from it. And I am thinking of throwing a Halloween party just so I can make more stuff from it. The first thing I made from it was these pictures. They were so easy, inexpensive, creepy, and class looking.

 You just copy the pictures, cut them out, glue stick them to white paper and frame them in dollar store frames.  You can find dye cuts of spooky images at lots of craft stores or online too. The whole project cost $3. Not bad and they turned out pretty cute.

 Next up, pixie stick toppers. My Stampin' Up friend Camille and I got together and made these. They are so simple and look great shoved into a jar of candy.

If you can't tell, the banner spells "Spooky". Once again, my Stampin' Up friend, Camille, and I got together and designed this banner. It helps pull my "Spooky" shelf altogether. Besides the frames, everything on the shelf came from the $1 Store. So easy and inexpensive. I'll try to post more of my Halloween festiveness after I return from the beach next week. Happy Haunting!